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Himalayan palm civet
Paguma larvata larvata
(C. E. H. SMITH, 1827)

Photo by: F. Spangenberg
Additional images here: www.biolib.cz

Range:China (and Taiwan & Hainan Is), Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam
Habitat:Primary evergreen and deciduous forest, and in disturbed habitats
Head-Torso-Length:50 - 76 cm
Tail length:50 - 64 cm
Weight:3,4 - 5 kg
Food:Omnivorous: fruit, small vertebrates and insects
IUCN status:LC (Least Concern)

Current Holdings
European Union
  Germany (1 Holding(s)):
  • Dortmund (Zoo) 
    Number: 1
    Non-EU and other EAZA countries