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Sunda clouded leopard
(No Subspecific status)**
Neofelis diardi
(Syn.: Panthera diardi)
(Syn.: Neofelis nebulosa diardi)**
(G. CUVIER, 1823)

Photo by: R. Mantei
Additional images here: www.biolib.cz

Number of Subspecies:02
Subspecies:01. Neofelis diardi diardi - Sumatra
02. N.d. borneensis - Borneo
Information Source for Taxanomy:A. Wilting, P. Christiansen, A. C. Kitchener, Y. J.M. Kemp, L. Ambu & J. Fickel. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 58(2), February 2011: 317-328.
Range:Borneo and Sumatra
Head-Torso-Length:70 - 105 cm
Tail length:60 - 85 cm
Weight:10 - 25 kg
IUCN status:VU (Vulnerable)

Current Holdings • Former Holdings
There are no known current holdings.