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Scrawled cowfish
Acanthostracion quadricornis
(Syn.: Lactophrys quadricornis)
(LINNAEUS, 1758)

Photo by: R. Traxl
Additional images here: www.biolib.cz

Number of Subspecies:00
Body length:max. 55 cm
IUCN status:LC (Least Concern)

Current Holdings • Former Holdings
North America
  United States of America (9 Holding(s)):
Holding(s): 9
  Japan (2 Holding(s)):
  • Gamagori (Takeshima Aquarium) 
  • Shimonoseki (Kaikyokan Aquarium) 
      Singapore (1 Holding(s)):
  • Singapore (Sentosa Marine Life Park: S.E.A. Aquarium) 
      United Arab Emirates (1 Holding(s)):
  • Abu Dhabi (National Aquarium) 
    Holding(s): 4