The Zootierliste is a collaborative non-commercial project with the aim to build a forum with information about current and former vertebrate collections of European zoos and other public animalholdings as well as collect and catalog, with the best possible quality, information about individual species.

For the work in the Zootierliste guidelines and recommendations should be applied by the participants. This is important or even necessary. The main guidelines can be found in the FAQ. Here, the proper handling of copyright is particularly important because each participant is allowed to copy with the appropriate rights to distribute information.

Adminsitrators are responsible for compliance to the guidelines, but every user of this website bears a part of the responsibility. Especially over the observance of copyright-protected content from other websites or resources.

Therefore the active members look at the most recent changes and, if necessary, they correct the content. Thus, each participant is an author and editor.

For this reason the rules and guidelines for copyright should be explained and subsequently confirmed at this point. Failure to comply may lead to a joint liability in case of doubt.
Never use copyrighted material without the consent of the owners! This damages the Zootierliste!

Permission for use in Zootierliste of text and images can therefore only be released by the author itself. In all cases, the public information source can be specified. If no source is given, the administrators team must believe that the text or image constitutes copyright infringement and the team will delete it.

In general; facts can be taken, but not complete texts. The texts have to be readjusted accordingly, so that they no longer infringe copyrights.

Lists of dates, names, dates, statistics (eg births, deaths figures, technical data) and similar data collections are not protected. However, for data collection on a large scale it can be compile a database that, as a whole, is protected by copyright and may not be copied completely. It is for this reason that the public information source must be specified. For example, the annual report of a zoo.

For a list of historical events, such as a keyword-like biography, listing the dates may be accepted. If the events to that listing are formulated thereafter, these should be replaced with your own wording.

The administrators keep the right to ban users when breaking the rules stated above.
Only after confirmation of these rules, you can register at the Zootierliste and participate subsequently.